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Ethiopian Youth Entrepreneurs Association /EYE-A/  is a registered association with the civil right that has been registered and accorded legal personality with registry number 5273 on December 3, 2020, as a local organization under the Organizations of Civil Societies  Proclamation No. 1113/2019.  The headquarters of the association and place of registration is Addis Ababa and will open its branch offices across Ethiopia as deemed necessary. Entrepreneurs in our context are; agents of change, make available creative and ground-breaking ideas and they can help businesses grow and develop into profitable. EYE-A was founded to address the challenges facing Young Ethiopian Entrepreneurs in their vision, especially in the areas of skills gaps, financial constraints, policy advocacy, networking, information sharing, and bureaucratic bottlenecks. EYE-A takes the step by creating the youth entrepreneurs ecosystem by supporting the start-ups, to involve & take action on the socio-economic and entrepreneur activities of their country in order to be able to realize the obstacles that they have not been able to achieve in various situations. EYE-A works to understand, support, empower, advocate and promote the social, economic, and entrepreneurial interests of its members. Currently, EYE-A is registering over 400 youth-led enterprises from different regions in the country. to create new jobs and to enhance the youth employment prospects. 


To become the most influential youth-led Association in Africa by 2030


To enhance the role of youth entrepreneurs association in the development of private sectors Ethiopia By 2030.

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