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Activities of EYE-A

Access to Training

·        Build skill and attitude capacity of young start-ups by providing practically oriented and other forms of training that will help them in their journey.

Access to Information

·       Builds digital-based information hubs and provides information for young start-ups, settles business disputes, and provides different coaching and mentoring programs. 

Access to Networking

·       Organize local and international exhibitions, forums and enable the young start-ups to access partners, co-founders, and customers.

Access to Finance

·       Facilitate capital raising and loans for young start-ups with collaborating with financial institutions and other finance sources.

Work on Policy Advocacy

Create Entrepreneur's environments that enable young start-ups to realize their vision by facilitating public-private dialogue.


Revamping the Association

  • Developing partnerships with governmental organizations, non-governmental organizations, and potential private companies (angel investors groups). 

  • Recruiting members from all over Ethiopia.

  • Creating a committee and advisory board from every governmental, non-governmental organization, and other concerned bodies that directly works with young entrepreneurs for exchanging information and other co-working agenda. 

  • Working Value proposition Website and other social media platforms.

  • Working on organizational structure and internal marketing.

  • Selecting Influential youths from different sectors to be ambassadors and consultants of EYE-A.

  • Regional presence of EYE-A.